Awards – fading glory

The rush to finish off a year and the zeal to move on to the next, presumably a better one, take people out on the streets. I stay indoor. It’s cold and TV channels buzz with ‘events’. On 30th and 31st Dec, two back to back award ceremonies were broadcast. Starry audience, glitzy performances and sharp wisecracks along with the contest on different award segments historically promised a good evening, devoid of entry fees. These award shows are the only glimpses of the celestial bodies when we catch them walking on the ground, just like us.

Both shows played the same game by the book. However both fell short of keeping one glued till the end. It didn’t work for me as it used to do. I called it a good night before superstars like SRK, KJo, Salman Khan and lots of younger heartthrobs left the premises.

  • There was a controversy last year when KJo and Saif Ali Khan took a dig at  Kangana Ranaut on nepotism. It was more of KJo’s personal attack on Kangana that he carried forward from his earlier TV chat show. Things didn’t go down too well. Even otherwise the show didn’t live up to the golden days of SRK and Saif quips. In short the hosts themselves looked jaded and churned out a lackluster show. That was probably a significant game-changer.
  • SRK announced last week that he had stopped being sarcastic on others’ work. He’s a senior actor now and should behave more responsibly knowing how it feels if a business venture doesn’t fare well. He was seen on the front row on one of these 2 shows, and maintained what he said in press. Though it wasn’t on him to carry the events forward and the presenters tried all they could, a crack in the overall spirit was clearly visible throughout. The audience, mostly professional actors, tried their best to laugh out loud. It didn’t quite transcend the TV set.
  • The monotony of the pattern of these shows played an important role in its downfall. Young stars showed great stunts and moves along with popular songs, but nothing helped to keep me glued. It’s about time for a new paradigm, if any. The existing pattern lasted for a decade or two. It should be applauded and shown the way out. Indian showmen must look at the American counterparts one more time to see if they have something to offer as a remedy to this stalemate.
  • AIB and other similar comedians have deviated from suggestive to explicit brands of humor. They have lowered the positioning of a belt, replaced stings by expletives. They may not match the stardom of mainstream actors, but are freely accessible on virtual platforms. We have tasted blood and are unlikely to settle for herbs anytime soon. More so, when some of the current generation movie-stars participate and endorse their form of comedy. When they come back to award nights docile, we find them acting even outside reels.




My picks – Profitable Hindi movies (2017)

Let me try to carve out a small list of Hindi films which got released in the year passed by, 2017. As usual there are a huge array of films made and different flavors of top 10 lists are doing the rounds. I’m interested in a smaller and of course tastier pie and run my ‘human’ and heavily biased analytics over that set. Why should machines have all the fun! Right now I care only for percentage returns of investments or profit margins as you call it. A few producers have actually raked in more than 100% profit and I mind only them.Read More »

Kundan Shah and the puzzle

I couldn’t believe it was him. The title read Hum To Mohabbat Karega (2000), the director’s name Kundan Shah – the only way I could console myself was it must have been someone else by the same name. That was the influence of Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1994) on me. To be honest, I carry the same influence even today… so many years and movies older, so many layers of skin I may have had to shed. The magic still lingers. SRK always reminds Sunil to me. A cheerful un-hero, an everyday guy made of fun, family and lies, grows up in an instant of sudden spate of hormones. I had never seen a mediocre hero before, I don’t think I’ve seen afterwards too.Read More »

AIB: Another sun rises in the west

It’s a long way from the regained political independence of 1947 to the imported cultural independence of AIB today. Indian comedy has taken a lot of pain and sweat to reach here. [Not repeating my words] What do this AIB and the whole gamut of current generation of stand-up comedians stand for? They are different from all their previous avatars… even from the more recent TV genre watered by the likes of Kapil Sharmas, Raju Srivastavas.Read More »

Jagga Jasoos

My friend said “It’s Tintin”, after he caught a trailer of Jagga Jasoos in which RK was seen dancing in school uniforms. I didn’t get his fantasy then. I watched the film. He was spot on. In fact it’s a ‘Tintin meets Indiana Jones’. It gets a whopping ‘go for it’ recommendation from my side despite being overindulging in parts – specially towards the end when it steps beyond the 62nd page.Read More »